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Amazing Spider-Man 1st series comic books issue 334

  • Issue #334
    Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) 334

    "Secrets, Puzzles, and Little Fears..." The Return of the Sinister Six Part 1 of 6. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Erik Larsen. Inks by Mike Machlan. Cover by Erik Larsen and Terry Austin. The Sinister Six storyline begins with a bang as Electro and Dr. Octopus clash with the web-slinger in an industrial warehouse! But the battle is short and sweet and inconclusive! Spider-Man doesn't know what Otto Octavius is planning, but right now helping his dear aunt takes priority! Meanwhile with Electro already in the fold, the six-armed super-villain reaches out to the Sandman! Is Doc Ock getting the band back together? Cameo appearances by Iron Man, Mary Jane Watson, and Aunt May. (Notes: The wall-crawler first battled the Sinister Six way back in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1. The Amazing Spider-Man title was published bi-monthly for the next 5 issues.) 32 pages. Cover price $1.00.

  • Issue #334MJ
    Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) Mark Jewelers 334MJ

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    Mark Jewelers Advertisement Insert Variant. Cover price $1.00.