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Amazing Spider-Man 1st series comic books issue 387

  • Issue #387
    Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) 387
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    • Paper: White
    • Label #2088000012

    "The Thief of Years" Lifetheft Part 2 of 3. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Mark Bagley. Inks by Randy Emberlin. Cover by Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin. In a stunning development, the Vulture drains Spider-Man's life energy via the Juvenator! And now the wall-crawler is an old man, while the Vulture is young again! Oh no, how will Peter explain his elderly condition to Aunt May and Mary Jane? Fortunately, the "experimental" Juvenator is just experimental and the process reverses itself in a few hours! Whew, thank goodness! However, the web-slinger is still shaken by his temporary transformation and decides to reveal his secret identity to his parents. A decision he will regret next issue! Cameo appearances by the Chameleon and Ben Urich. Last $1.25 cover price. (Note: This issue includes a foldout back cover featuring upcoming Marvel releases.) 32 pages. Cover price $1.25.