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Amazing Spider-Man 2nd Series comic books issue 37

  • Issue #37
    Amazing Spider-Man (1998 2nd Series) 37

    Destined to be a KEY issue in the life of Spider-Man! We could tell you more, but don't want to spoil a great story for you! cover by kaare andrews j. michael straczynski (w)/john romita jr. (p)/scott hanna (i) It was bound to happen. And it has. Now Peter Parker's life will never be the same! "This issue was an example of what super hero comics should be. It has great action, suspense, dialogue, characters... everything! This is Spider-Man at his best." - 7-59606-04716-1-03711 (MarvelPG)2.25 Cover price $2.25.

  • Issue #37
    Amazing Spider-Man (1998 2nd Series) Annual 37

    Written by KARL KESEL and KURT BUSIEK. Art by PAULO SIQUEIRA and PATRICK OLLIFE. Cover by MARCOS MARTIN. REVEALED AT LAST- SPIDER-MAN'S FIRST MEETING WITH CAPTAIN AMERICA! An Untold Tale of Spider-Man reveals the web-head's very first meeting with the Star-Spangled Avenger! Find out the secret history of how the Marvel Universe's two biggest icons save the world from the deadly brains of the ROGUE SCHOLARS! Cover price $3.99.