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Burn comic books issue 6

  • Issue #6
    Negative Burn (1993 Caliber) 6

    Cover art by Michael Wm. Kaluta. Kilroy Is Here, script by Joe Pruett, art by Ken Meyer, Jr. Vixen, script and art by David Lloyd. Yuletide Warning, script by Elaine Lee, art by Craig Hamilton. Conditioned, script and art by Philip Hester. Classics Desecrated, script by Doug Wheeler, art by Steve Smith. Mr. Mamoulian Dark Horse, script and art by Brian Bolland. Andrew Robinson Sketchbook. 36 pgs. $2.95. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #6
    Burning Fields (2014 Boom Studios) 6

    Written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel. Art and Cover by Colin Lorimer. In the wake of the assault on Carapace's headquarters, Dana and Aban arrive to investigate what happened to their allies, while Renfro, the killer who is the focus of the manhunt, stalks their every move. 28 pages, full color. Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #6
    Burn (2008 Arcana Studios) 6

    by Scott Sanders & Camilla d'Errico This is the end of the beginning! As the internal struggle for Burn's body comes to a conclusion, so does the outward struggle between man and machine. Who will live? Who will die? And how will the survivors cope? Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #6
    Negative Burn (2006 2nd Series Image) 6

    Cover by Ken Meyer Jr. Edited by Joe Pruett. Stories by Joe Keatinge, Evan Bryce, Dove McHargue, R.G. Taylor, Mel Taylor, Gibonni, Lauren Perry, Micah Harris, Jay Eales, Goran Sudzuka, Robert Grabe, Michelle Silva, Ken Price, Graeme Neil Reid, Ron Kasman, and Michel Fiffe. Image takes over the long-running eclectic comics anthology. A letter to Harvey Pekar; a gentle spoof of Mormon culture, Bring Back My Brigham To Me. 64 pages, B&W. Mature readers. Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #6
    Slash and Burn (2015 Vertigo) 6

    Written by Si Spencer. Art by Max Dunbar and Ande Parks. Cover by Tula Lotay. While Rosheen recovers in a hospital bed, there's a literal change of perspective as Mayor Brand reminisces on the fate of the Sparky Club while doing his best to exercise control over Detective Morrow's prying-but what's the detective's secret? 40 pages, full color. Mature Readers Cover price $4.99.