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Cable comic books issue 77

  • Issue #77
    Cable (1993 1st Series) 77

    Joe Pruett/Bernard Chang AGES OF APOCALYPSE: Book 2. On the 5th anniversary of "Age Of Apocalypse," the X-Men battle to stop a new dark day from dawning! Years have passed since UNCANNY X-MEN #378, and the world has taken a turn for the worse. While the X-Men continue an apparently futile battle to bring humanity and mutantkind together, a lone warrior rallies an army to battle the legions of the Egyptian Empire. He will be joined by allies from lands afar: Sunfire, of Japan, and Magneto, ruler of the African nation Genosha! ? THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. The cover by Adam Kubert will feature a fifth color ink to enhance the art. FC" Cover price $1.99.