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Dark Horse Presents comic books issue 26

  • Issue #26
    Dark Horse Presents (1986) 26

    Cover by Gary Davis. Another stunning issue of the book that has something for everyone! This issue, Gary Davis' beautiful fantasy "Twilight for Landgdarro" concludes as our heroine gains the knowledge that will bring out the end of the Age of Magic! Meanwhile, war breaks out in the pages of Leopoldo Duranona's science fiction story Race of Scorpions! DIto, Alma and the Stranger find themselves caught between the pirates they thwarted last issue and an army they have just betrayed! And in Homicide, writer John Arcudi and artist Doug Manke pit Detective Will Ford against a brutal hitman who is haunted by a legion of his blinded victims! 32 pages, B&W. Cover price $1.75.

  • Issue #26
    Dark Horse Presents (2011 2nd Series) 26

    (W) Steve Niles & Various (A) Ron Randall & Various (CA) Ron Randall Meet the Juice Squeezers: a group of elementary-school kids tasked with secretly keeping their small town safe from a horrible, underground epidemic-written and drawn by David Lapham! Learn about a vampire couple during the time of the Black Plague in Steve Niles and menton3's The Nosferatu Wars! Join bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair on a vacation gone horribly wrong in Ron Randall's Trekker! Ron Randall (W/A/Cover), Steve Niles (W), Andrew Vachss (W), Mike Richardson (W), David Lapham (W/A), Mike Baron (W), Patrick Alexander (W/A), Phil Stanford (W), Jane Espenson (W), CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan (W), Frank Barbiere (W), Dan Jolley (W), Dara Naraghi (W), menton3 (A), Steve Rude (A), Patric Reynolds (A), Karl Moline (A), Steve Lieber (A), Micah Kaneshiro (A), Leonard Kirk (A), Dom Reardon (A), and Tom Williams (A) Cover price $7.99.

  • Issue #26
    Dark Horse Presents (2014 3rd Series) 26

    Written by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Keith Goldberg, Kaare Andrews, John Arcudi, Alan Gordon, Rich Woodall and Paul Levitz. Art by Aaron Campbell, Troy Nixey, Lucas Varela, Bo Hampton, Craig Rousseau and Tim Hamilton. Cover by Troy Nixey. This month's issue of Dark Horse Presents features three new stories: Black Sinister by Kaare Andrews and Troy Nixey, Espirits de Corps by John Arcudi and Lucas Varela, and Rubber Guns by Keith Goldberg, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Aaron Campbell! Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton's Brooklyn Blood, Al Gordon and Bo Hampton's The Once and Future Tarzan, and Rich Woodall and Craig Rousseau's Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl continue in this issue! Cover price $4.99.