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Deadworld Archives comic books issue 9

  • Issue #9-1ST
    Deadworld Archives TPB (2018- Caliber) 9-1ST Deadworld Archives TPB (2018- Caliber) 9-1ST

    Volume 9 - 1st printing. "Battle Royale!" Collects Deadworld (1993 2nd Series Caliber) #11-15.

    Written by Gary Reed. Art by Chris Torres, Mark Winfrey, Frank Turner, Mark Masztal, Matt Greenia, Glen Murphy, nd Troy Nixey. Cover by James O'Barr. Introduction by Gary Reed.

    Collecting all the original Deadworld stories into a set of 10 Archive volumes, Book 9 features Volume Two of the series, issues #11-15, which presents King Zombie as he faces multiple threats such as the Voodoo Queen and the lepers. Katherine, the woman who provided the Dead-Killer with a rare glimpse of humanity, is captured by Bowker, one of King Zombie's human lieutenants, and now Dead-Killer has to enter a zombie plagued town to rescue her.

    Collected and reprinted for first time in 25 years.

    Softcover, 140 pages, B&W. Mature Readers

    Cover price $12.99.