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Fantasy Comics comic books issue 6

  • Issue #6
    Fantasy Comics (2023 Antarctic Press) 6

    Written by Rod Espinoza. Art by Rod Espinosa. Cover by Brian Denham. 'The Adventurers' (Rod Espinosa): Having survived their first encounter with the mountain torbulds, Clari and her friends finally reach Bridge Town and find it in a state of war. Remembering her promise to her friend Mecomi, Clari prepares to escort the orphans back to the safety of the mountain village. They ride with a massive caravan of 20,000 sponsored by Lord Justinius Biverius, who is to take up a cushy post guarding Good River, Clari's hometown. Little do they know, the caravan is about to run into terrible danger! 40 pages, full color. Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #6
    Weird Fantasy (1951 E.C. Comics 2nd Series) 6
    • 6" cumulative spine split. Cover and centerfold detached.
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    Cover art by Al Feldstein. "Space-Warp," script by Bill Gaines (plot) and Al Feldstein (plot, script), art by Al Feldstein; Frank readies himself for a monumental two-year journey to Altair, using the invention of Professor Hartlow: the Space-Warp Drive, which makes use of the theory that space is curved, and, that by entering into the 4th Dimension, one can travel great distances in a relatively short period of time. "The Dimension Translator," script and art by Harvey Kurtzman; Willy has created a dimension translator, which can translate a series of photos into an electric impulse and through a series of other processes, creates an actual three dimensional object; His boss does not like his research engineer "wasting the company's time" on such Willy uses a photo of his boss to create a three dimensional figure of Mr. Bankbuck so that Willy can slap him around and get even. Tales From the Crypt ad. "Experiment" text story. Picture Stories From the Bible ad. "And Then There Were Two!", script by Bill Gaines (plot) and Al Feldstein (plot, script), art by Jack Kamen; American soldiers land on an atoll, ordered to remove any native inhabitants so that the U.S. government could conduct a hydrogen bomb test there; The natives have told the government that iron gods live on the atoll and soon the soldiers discover two of these "gods" (actually robots), which tell the men of their creator, and then are taken back to America. "Rescued!", script by Wally Wood (plot) and Al Feldstein (script), art by Wally Wood; A crew had been sent into space a year earlier to examine a planet in the solar system of a neighboring star; Upon discovering it, and noting it was about the size of the Earth, they landed next to the ship of the previous expedition two years earlier; Then and there they discovered was had happened to the previous expedition and what would happen to theirs. No cover number. NOTE: See #13A-17A for the 1st five issues in the series. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.