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Gambit comic books issue 9

  • Issue #9
    Gambit (1999 3rd Series) 9

    X-Men the Shattering Part 7 of 12, Fabian Nicieza/Mat Broome/Sean Parsons THE SHATTERING?The manifestations of The Shattering continue as the ragin Cajun finds Sabretooth?but not nearly in the shape he expected! What could possibly have done this to Marvels most dangerous mutant?and why is Scalphunter trying to kill them both?! The answers all lie with the man known as Sinister, and hell only talk for a price... a price that could cost the souls of two men?and the lives of those dearest to them! Cover by Mat Broome. FC" Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #9
    Gambit (2012 5th Series) 9

    (W) James Asmus (A/CA) Clay Mann Gambit's hot on the heels of the lady thief who first crossed his path in issue #1! But what secret is she hiding that may just spell doom for our hero? And how will he manage to steal her away from the horde of super villains she's surrounded herself with? Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #9
    Gambit (2004 4th Series) 9

    Voodoo Economics: Part 3 of 3 - Written by John Layman Pencils & Cover by Georges Jeanty It's bad enough that the living dead are overrunning New Orleans, but one of the zombies just happens to be the reanimated corpse of an invulnerable super-villain! Even with the help of Brother Voodoo, Gambit's going to have a hard time surviving. And if and when he does, there's a girl with a broken heart who's got an even nastier surprise in store for him. 32 PGS./Marvel PSR Cover price $2.99.