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Guy Gardner comic books issue 1

  • Issue #1
    Guy Gardner Warrior (1992) 1

    The miniseries GUY GARDNER REBORN (see Guy Gardner Reborn (1992) #1-3) asked the question "Without a ring, what's a Guy to do?" Now, Guy's got a ring again and he begins his own monthly series! No longer a Green Lantern, he's just plain Guy and he's determined to become one of the meanest guys in comics. Guy has new powers, a new costume...but the same old nasty attitude. Now that the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League aren't holding him back any more, he's free to pursue his own bloodthirsty agenda! And to kick things off, Guy faces his greatest challenge as he cleans up New York City, a program that progresses smoothly enough until the Guardians send his old buddy Kilowog to retrieve Guy's ring. Written by Gerard Jones, with art and cover by Joe Staton and Terry Beatty. Cover price $1.25.

  • Issue #1
    Guy Gardner Reborn (1992) 1

    Well, Hal Jordan's reclaimed his position as Green Lantern of Earth. And, as part of their deal, Guy Gardner's agreed to quit the Green Lantern Corps and relinquish his ring (see Green Lantern (1990 2nd Series) #25). Without his powers, what's a Guy to do? Here's where you'll find out, as Guy Gardner, with help from Lobo, the main man himself, explores several astounding - and damaging - possibilities in GUY GARDNER: REBORN. Combining action with humor...guts with guns...and spit with fire, this mini-series features everybody's favorite Guy the way fans wanna see him...kickin' major butt and causin' major-league trouble wherever he happens to land. Goldface appearance. Written by Gerard Jones, with art and cover by Joe Staton and Joe Rubinstein. Prestige Format. Cover price $4.95.

  • Issue #1
    Guy Gardner Collateral Damage (2006) 1
    • Signed by writer/artist Howard Chaykin with Lone Star Comics certificate of authenticity.

    Written by Howard Chaykin. Art and cover by Chaykin. On the fringes of the Rann-Thanagar War, G'Nort of the Green Lantern Corps must find an arbiter to broker a peace deal! What neutral part does he find? None other than Guy Gardner! Wait...Guy? Peace? Neutral? ? 1 of 2 ? Prestige Format ? 48 pg, FC Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #1
    Guy Gardner Warrior (1995) Annual 1

    Year One Annual. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #1
    Guy Gardner Promotional Poster (1992 DC Comics) 1

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    Art by Joe Staton and Joe Rubenstein. Promotional poster sent to comic retailers by DC Comics to promote the mini-series Guy Gardner Reborn, starring Guy Gardner and Lobo. 29-in. x 30-in., full color.