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JLA comic books issue 101

  • Issue #101
    JLA (1997) 101
    Published Sep 2004 by DC.

    WRITTEN BY CHUCK AUSTEN; ART AND COVER BY RON GARNEY The powerful 6-part saga "The Pain of the Gods," written by Chuck Austen (Uncanny X- Men, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN) with art by Ron Garney (The Hulk) begins here! Superman faces one of his greatest tragedies when he's unable to prevent the death of a fellow super-hero. But how can a man with god-like abilities face the guilt of such a terrible failure? Especially when the event will have repercussions that could come back to haunt the JLA! For more information, see the feature article. FC, 32 PG.$2.25 Cover price $2.25.