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JLA comic books issue 40

  • Issue #40
    JLA (1997) 40
    Published Apr 2000 by DC.

    WRITTEN BY GRANT MORRISON; ART AND COVER BY HOWARD PORTER AND JOHN DELL. Grant Morrison's ultimate JLA story continues with Part 5 of the 6-part "World War Three" as the ultimate danger to mankind and the universe itself ? Mageddon, the Anti-Sun, the Warbringer ? is finally revealed! While Animal Man and Steel race to find a solution to the conflict, the hosts of Heaven gather before a special envoy and the Flash returns from the edge of reality with help for the stricken Earth. Will even the ultimate sacrifice of a Leaguer be enough to prevent the Apocalypse of Mageddon? At long last, is all hope lost? Or does the Justice League have a surprise up its collective sleeve? FC, 32 PG." Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #40
    JLA Classified (2005) 40

    Written by Peter Milligan Art by Carlos D'Anda Cover by Sami Basri Part 4 of the 5-part 'Kid Amazo.' Kid Amazo has finally embraced his programming and decided to be the chip off the old byte that his android creator, Amazo, wanted him to be. And the Justice League may pay for waiting so long for the Kid to choose sides. ? 32 pg, FC Cover price $2.99.