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JLA comic books issue 26

  • Issue #26
    JLA (1997) 26
    Published Feb 1999 by DC.

    Part 3 of 3 – "Our Army at War!" Written by Grant Morrison. Art by Mark Pajarillo and Walden Wong. General Eiling's diabolical plan for world domination stands revealed! He has transplanted his brain into the hulking indestructible body of the Shaggy Man and not even the World's Greatest Heroes may be able to stop him. Plus, what will become of the Ultra-Marines since Superman discovered that their new super powers are actually killing them? 32 pages, FC. Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #26
    JLA Classified (2005) 26

    JLA CLASSIFIED #26 & 27 Written by Howard Chaykin Art by Killian Plunkett & Tom Nguyen. Covers by Plunkett Part 1 of the 6-part 'Sacred Trust,' written by Howard Chaykin (BITE CLUB: VCU, HAWKGIRL) with stunning art by Killian Plunkett (SUPERMAN: RED SON) & Tom Nguyen (JLA)! When the U.N. forbids the United States and the Justice League of America to interfere with other countries' meta-human activities... a rift develops between the Leaguers themselves! What will be the right course of action? And will 'plausible deniability' protect anyone from the fall-out? And in issue #27, the Justice League honors the U.N.'s request as Wonder Woman and Aquaman are spotted preventing natural disasters far from the warring countries they've been banned from entering... but who makes up the mysterious task force surveying the volitile situation in person? ? 32 pg, FC. Cover price $2.99.