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JLA Titans comic books issue 2

  • Issue #2
    JLA Titans (1998) 2

    Batman and the JLA won't let Nightwing and the Titans place the interests of one already-dead friend ahead of the safety of millions in the 38-page "The Generation Gap." Appearances by Big Barda, Orion, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Zauriel, Wonder Woman, Superman, Plastic Man, Huntress, Steel, Cyborg, Flash (Wally West), Changeling, Raven, Tempest, Catwoman, Flamebird, Terra II, Herald, Bumblebee, Arsenal, Pantha, Oracle, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Prysm, Impulse, Starfire, Damage, Supergirl, Donna Troy, Omen, Atom, Risk, CM3, Thunder, Lightning, Azrael, Red Star, Fringe, Magenta, Chris King, Harlequin, Deathstroke, Robin (Tim Drake), Superboy, Argent, Mirage, Rose Wilson, Hawk II, Dove III, Wildebeest, Black Canary. Co-plot & dialogue by Devin Grayson, co-plot & pencils by Phil Jimenez, inks by Andy Lanning. Cover by Jimenez. Cover price $2.95.