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Jungle Comics comic books issue 16

  • Issue #16
    Jungle Comics (2019 Antarctic) 16

    Written & Art by VARIOUS. Cover Art by Rich Stahnke 'Adrift' (Mark Fenton, Jacob Eguren): Jessica 'Jessie' Evans finds herself washed up on what appears to be a deserted island. She soon discovers the island is far from deserted and that she is about to become part of the nightmarish events taking place there. Can Jessie uncover why people are being murdered here before she too becomes a victim? Conceived by Mark Fenton (Planet Comics, SpaceCooler, The Accursed) and brought to life by the incomparable Jacob Euguren (Blue Beetle, Wildstorm)! 'The Adventures of Zan the Jungle Lord' (Giuseppe Pederiali, Roberto Renzi, and Bruno Marraffa): As Zan races to save the captured expedition from being sacrificed to the Moon Queen, he must face down the fiercest warrior of her tribe, a warrior determined to bring Zan down! 28 pages, full color. Rated M Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #16
    Jungle Comics (1940 Fiction House) 16

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    Cover art by Nick Cardy (as Viscardi). "Caveman Killers," art by John Celardo; KaƤnga and Ann wander into a lost valley where prehistoric peoples and animals still survive; They help a group of semi-civilized people defeat a tribe of marauding cave men. Untitled story, art by Saul Rosen; The Panther rescues a group of white dancers who were kidnapped by native headhunters. Untitled story; Camilla and her people leave their ruined city and strive to create a new home in the jungle. Untitled story; Tabu summons an army of zombies to free and enslaved tribe from their Arab captors. Untitled story; Roy's translator betrays him and steals a jewel, a gift from a pygmy chief. "The Dwarf That Played Giant" text story. Untitled story, art by Al Walker; Simba protects a pair of children, lost in the jungle following an attack on a French jungle outpost. Untitled story, art by Henry Kiefer; A newborn white elephant is captured and made a part of the Rajah's court; Wambi prevents a tiger from killing the Rajah and secures the elephants freedom and protection. Untitled story, art by Bill Bossert; After a mad arsonist sets a forest fire, Anderson and Kismet become trapped and must wait on Terry and Vincent for rescue. Untitled story; Fantomah rescues a honeymooning couple captured by mad scientist Orid Dass. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.