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Justice League Europe Annual comic books issue 2

  • Issue #2
    Justice League Europe (1990) Annual 2

    Armageddon 2001. Waverider sees the team's possible future, and it involves the JLE being stranded across the timestream, in "Too Much Time". Story continues in Armageddon 2001 #2. Plot by Keith Giffen, script by Gerard Jones, pencils by Steve Carr, Russel Braun, Marshall Rogers, Linda Medley, Keith Giffen, John Beatty, Randy Elliott, Curt Swan and Ty Templeton, inks by Elliott and Michael Golden (4 pages). Cameos by Superman, Anthro, Bat Lash, the Demon, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Hex, General Glory, Martian Manhunter, H.G. Wells, Sherlock Holmes, King Arthur, Merlin. 54 pages of story. Kevin Maguire cover. Cover price $2.00.