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Legion of Superheroes comic books issue 85

  • Issue #85
    Legion of Super-Heroes (1989 4th Series) 85

    "Metropolis Now!" A startling new direction begins, guest-starring Superman! Flung through time and space by the awesome power of the Emerald Eye, a contingent of Legionnaires finds itself stranded on Earth in the 20th century! Now Brainiac 5, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Ultra Boy, Sparks, Gates and several others must make their way on a primitive planet of living legends and deadly dangers equal to any they faced in the 30th century! When their actions in Metropolis are met with force by the ever-vigilant Special Crimes Unit, it soon becomes a job for the city's resident Man of Steel! Written by Tom Peyer and Tom McCraw, with art by Lee Moder and Ron Boyd. Cover by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. (Note: Beginning this month, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and LEGIONNAIRES will follow separate storylines. LEGIONNAIRES will continue to chronicle the adventures of the team in the 30th century.) Cover price $2.25.