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New Warriors comic books issue 1 1998-2000

  • Issue #1
    New Warriors (1999 2nd Series) 1

    Jay Faerber/Steve Scott/Walden Wong ? THE SCOOP: By popular demand, ³The Heroes For The ¹90s² become ³The Heroes For The New Millennium!² Get in on the ground floor as Marvel¹s teens supreme make their much-anticipated comeback in their own ongoing series! ? THE STORY: The young crime-fighters who comprised the New Warriors went their separate ways in NOVA #1, but the bouncing bundle of energy known as Speedball is bound and determined to re-form the group?from scratch, if need be! But as he revisits former teammates and potential new recruits, the all-powerful Blastaar is accidentally transported straight to the Genetech Research Facility! Can Robbie Baldwin construct a new squad capable of defeating a foe who has gone toe-to-toe with the entire Fantastic Four? And if so, can he do it before the Negative Zone nasty lays waste to Long Island?! Former teammates Justice and Firestar (now appearing every month in AVENGERS... but you knew that, right?) lend a hand as the newest incarnation of the New Warriors starts off?with a blast! You got a peek at the team in NEW WARRIORS #0 (which shipped in June with Wizard¹s Avengers Super Special), now you can be there as Nova, Speedball, Namorita, Turbo, Jolt and the all-new hero named Aegis come together for the very first time... and hopefully, Blastaar won¹t make it their last! ? THE CREATORS: He breathed new life into GENERATION X, now writer Jay Faerber is joined by newcomer Steve Scott, whose clean yet kinetic art infuses the series with energy and optimism! Cover by Scott & Wong ? THE FORMAT: This new monthly title kicks off with a 48-page issue. ? MARVEL MEMO: Dynamic Forces will offer a signed version of NEW WARRIORS #1. Please turn to the DF section for complete details. FC" Cover price $2.99.