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Richie Rich Vault of Mystery comic books issue 11 1975-1977

  • Issue #11
    Richie Rich Vault of Mystery (1974 Harvey) 11

    "The Youth Maker"; Richie wanders around the estate, testing a new invention that can make old things new again. "It Can Be Dangerous!"; Richie is kidnapped, and the crooks demand the Youth Maker invention; When it is accidentally triggered, they discover, to their misfortune, that it works on people. "Uncle Proff"; Little Dot meets her extremely-absent-minded, bordering on senile, Uncle Proff; She tries to help his fiancé when he runs off unexpectedly. "Be a Mechanic" Richie Rich's Dollar Sense article. "Cake Trimmings" Little Lotta's Food Fun article. "A Fit Future"; Lotta dreams of being in charge of the nation's health program; In her dream, she abuses her power and punishes people for not exercising. 36 pages, full color. Cover price $0.25.