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Rocket Raccoon and Groot comic books issue 7

  • Issue #7
    Rocket Raccoon and Groot (2016) 7

    Written by Nick Kocher. Art by Michael Walsh. Cover by David Lopez. PUTTING THE FUN BACK IN FUNERAL! I'm SORRY - you found that poor in taste? Well, maybe we're using humor to avoid facing our grief over the death of Rocket Raccoon's mentor in con-artistry! Who's insensitive NOW? Did you even KNOW Rocket had a confidence-man mentor? Look, let's start over and try to be more understanding. It's a new era for the Guardians of the Galaxy's most non-humanoid characters, and we're kicking it off with this story by NICK KOCHER of comedy duo BriTANicK, so of CORPSE it's going to DIE-larious! We're just going to miss this character - an all-new insight into Rocket's mysterious past - so much! 28 pages, full color. Rated T Cover price $3.99.