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Spaced Out comic books issue 1

  • Issue #1
    Spaced Out (1972 Print Mint) 1

    1st (only) printing. Cover by Thomas Byrd. Stories by Thomas Byrd, Ed Verreaux, Jim Pinkoski, and Ronald Roach. Science fiction adventure with that underground comix twist. 40 pages, B&W. Mature readers. Cover price $0.60.

  • Issue #1
    Cracked Spaced Out (1993) 1

    Summer 1993. Art by John Severin and others. Parodies of "Deep Space Nine," "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country," and "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Severin cover. Cover price $1.75.

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Atomics Spaced Out and Grounded in Snap City TPB (2003 Image) 1-1ST

    Atomics King-Size Giant Spectacular - 1st printing.

    Written by Mike by Allred. Art by Mike Alred, J. Bone, Martin Ontiveros, and Clugston-Major.

    This volume collects the four Atomics one-shots starring It Girl, Mr. Gum, Crash Metro, and Spaceman, and teams Mike Allred with Martin Ontiveros (Ricky Riccotta), Lawrence Marvit (Sparks), J. Bone (Mutant, Texas), and Chynna Clugston- Major (Blue Monday)!

    Softcover, 112 pages, full color. Cover price $12.95.

  • Issue #1-1ST
    DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out GN (2019 DC) 1-1ST DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out GN (2019 DC) 1-1ST

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    1st printing.

    Written by Shea Fontana. Art by Agnes Garbowska. Cover by Yancy Labat.

    Earth's new Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz, learns that she must report to Oa and introduce herself to the Green Lantern Corps--as if learning new powers and being the new girl at Super Hero High weren't enough! Luckily, some of her new friends are willing to accompany Jessica. But when they arrive, instead of the Green Lantern Corps they find General Zod, Faora and Non.

    While the spacefaring girls take on this intergalactic threat, the Earthbound students are faced with their own challenge--pet-sitting Krypto!

    It's Kryptonian chaos across the universe!

    Softcover, 128 pages, full color. All Ages

    Cover price $9.99.

  • Issue #1
    Spaced Out Herbie (1996) 1
    Published 1996 by ACG.

    Cover by Dan Day. Stories by Richard Hughes (credited as Shane O'Shea) and Don Arr. Art by Ogden Whitney. Reprints of space-themed stories featuring Herbie, the all-powerful fat little boy who loves lollipops and occasionally averts world disasters. While trying to help out his fathers balloon company, Herbie discovers Planet Percival, where lollipops are like balloons; Herbie builds his own rocket and enters the Space Race. Also featuring a new cover by Dan Day, with Herbie dressed as Star Trek's Mr. Spock. Reprints from Herbie #6 and #19, along with a new story from ACGs Herbie #6. Space-Age Herbie!; Race Through Space!; Simple Samson. 32 pages, B&W. Cover price $2.95.