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Spectacular Spider-Man comic books issue 217

  • Issue #217
    Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) 217 Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) 217

    48-page Flipbook Edition. "Higher Ground!" Power and Responsibility Part 4 of 4. Script by Tom DeFalco. Art by Sal Buscema. Foil cover (front and back) by Sal Buscema. Story continues from Spider-Man 51. In the bowels of Ravencroft Institute, Peter Parker and Ben Reilly must set their differences aside and work together for their mutual survival! When a horde of crazy inmates storm into the basement, the Spectacular Spider-Man and the Spider-Clone spring into action! Once the spider-men get past the deranged mob, they bump into a new villain called Wild Whip! And then an old one called Carnage! And finally the mastermind of this mess: Dr. Judas Traveller! Talk about a murderers' row! Will Peter and Ben's uneasy alliance hold up under pressure from all sides? The Clone saga is only just beginning! Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Boone, Chakra, Medea, Mr. Nacht, Scrier, Dr. Kafka, John Jameson, and Edward Whelan. Flip story: "The Burial" The Double Part 4 of 4. Origin of the Spider-Clone. Script by J.M. DeMatteis. Pencils by Liam Sharp. Inks by Robin Riggs. Ben Reilly (aka the Spider-Clone) describes the major events of Amazing Spider-Man 149 and 151 from his perspective. Appearances by the Jackal, Mary Jane Watson, and the Gwen Stacy clone. (Note: This issue includes a one-page pin-up of the web-slinger battling the Green Goblin, Vulture, and Dr. Octopus by Mike McKone and Mark McKenna). Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #217N
    Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) 217N

    Newsstand Edition Cover price $1.50.