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Superman comic books issue 112

  • Issue #112
    Superman (1939 1st Series) 112
    Published Mar 1957 by DC.
    • 1/2" spine split from top of comic.
    • 2 1/2" Cumulative spine split. Centerfold detached. Cover detached at one staple. Bottom staple missing.
    • Interior is complete. Missing back cover.

    Cover pencils by Wayne Boring, inks by Stan Kaye. Superman's Neighbors, script by Bill Finger, pencils by Wayne Boring, inks by Stan Kaye; One of Clark Kent's neighbors is monitoring his comings and goings; Superman is afraid he will stumble into his secret identity and must come up with a way to throw him off the trail. Superman's Fatal Costume starring Superman and Lex Luthor, script by Jerry Coleman, art by Al Plastino. The Three Men of Steel starring Superman and Prof. Wilton, pencils by Wayne Boring, inks by Stan Kaye. 36 pgs. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #112
    Superman (1987 2nd Series) 112

    "Superman's Ex-Girlfriend, Lois Lane!" Story by Dan Jurgens. Art by Ron Frenz and Joe Rubinstein. Professor Thaddeus Killgrave attempt to escape from prison leaving the Man of Steel with an impossible the prison guards and star reporter Lois Lane from a rampaging robot or recapture the fleeing villain. Plus, Superman and Lois Lane break up! Cover price $1.95.

  • Issue #112
    Superman The Man of Steel (1991) 112

    WRITTEN BY MARK SCHULTZ;ART BY DOUG MAHNKE, DALE EAGLESHAM AND TOM NGUYEN; COVER BY LEE BERMEJO There's been a breakout at Stryker's Island. This looks like a job for...Superdog!? Krypto's powers are growing under Earth's yellow sun and now he's more than ready to strut his stuff alongside his powerful master: Superman! FC, 32 PG. Cover price $2.25.

  • Issue #112
    Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954) 112

    Cover art by Neal Adams. The Murderous Magnaman!, script by Otto Binder, pencils by Pete Costanza, inks by Joe Giella; Jimmy goes to the small nation of Duxania to uncover the weakness of super-villain Magnaman. Billy humor half-page by Henry Boltinoff. Jimmy the Red, Thor's Best Pal!, script by Robert Bernstein, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Stan Kaye. 36 pgs. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #112
    Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane (1958) 112
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    • Paper: White
    • Label #0298627002

    Cover art by Dick Giordano. A Tree Grows in Metropolis!, script by Cary Bates, pencils by Werner Roth, inks by Vince Colletta and Murphy Anderson (Superman heads); Superman saves an alien tree, the last remaining life-form on its planet, by bringing it to Earth and planting it in Metropolis Park. Explanation for the price increase and page increase for all DC comics beginning this month by Carmine Infantino. Superman's Secret Family!, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Kurt Schaffenberger; Using a super-telescope, Lois sees Superman fly to a distant planet where he appears to be hiding a mermaid wife and son. House ad for Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #140. The Robot Paradise! (Part II); Lois and Superman learn the truth about the super-family -- defective Superman robot X-3 built a robot mermaid wife and son on the faraway planet because he wanted a life like Superman's. Rock and Rose, script by Robert Kanigher, art by Dick Giordano; The Thorn saves her would-be assassin when the 100 turns on him, then helps him start on the right path. 52 pgs. $0.25. Cover price $0.25.