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Superman comic books issue 83

  • Issue #83
    Superman (1939 1st Series) 83
    • 1/2" Spine split from top. Cover detached at one staple.

    Cover art by Win Mortimer. Destination X starring Superman and The Brain, pencils by Wayne Boring, inks by Stan Kaye. The Search For the Bravest Woman starring Superman and Grissom, art by Al Plastino. Peg humor page by Henry Boltinoff. African Adventure text story. Clark Kent--Convict starring Superman and Phil Casan, art by Al Plastino; Superman creates fake Clark to fool guards. Jerry The Jitterbug five-page story, art by Henry Boltinoff. 44 pgs. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #83
    Superman (1987 2nd Series) 83

    Funeral for a Friend. Epilogue. "On the Edge!" Guest-starring Batman (Azrael) & the Justice League. Story by Dan Jurgens. Art by Dan Jurgens and Joe Rubinstein. Superman is back! As the Man of Steel makes his rounds to announce his return, he soon learns the DC Universe is a much different place than the one he left a few months ago. First stop...Gotham City, where a new person wears the mantle of the Bat. NOTE: At this time in DC history Azrael took over as Batman for Bruce Wayne, who was nursing a broken back - courtesy of the hulking villain Bane. (See Batman #497) - Odinson, Lonestar Comics Archivist Cover price $1.50.

  • Issue #83
    Superman The Man of Steel (1991) 83

    Shattered Illusions - Written by Louise Simonson. Art by Scot Eaton & Dennis Janke. Cover by Jon Bogdanove & Dennis Janke. If Dominus is the master of reality (and he is), and can shape and reshape the entire universe to his own ends (which he can), what can he possibly want from Superman? (Good question.) How can even Superman stop Dominus from attaining the one power Dominus needs to dominate all things? 32 pages, full color. Cover price $1.95.

  • Issue #83
    Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954) 83

    Cover pencils by Curt Swan, inks by George Klein. The Nostradamus of Metropolis!, script by Leo Dorfman, pencils by John Forte, inks by George Klein; Legendary prophet Nostradamus appears in the twentieth century and begins making chillingly accurate predictions. Peg humor page by Henry Boltinoff. Friends Across the Seas public service announcement, script by Jack Schiff, art by Sheldon Moldoff. The Great Miss Universe Contest!, script by Sam Rolfe, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by George Klein; Lucy enters the "Miss Metropolis" competition but is beaten as every judge (including Jimmy!) is compelled to vote for the mysterious "Miss Platonia." Jimmy Olsen's Captive Double!, script by Jerry Siegel, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by George Klein. 36 pgs. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #83
    Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane (1958) 83

    Cover art by Neal Adams. Witch on Wheels! [Part I], script by Frank Robbins, pencils by Irv Novick, inks by Mike Esposito; Lois joins a biker gang to help her write an article for the Daily Planet. House ad for Superboy #147, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Neal Adams. Part II - The Super-Cyclist!; Superman disguises himself as a biker to help Lois with her story. 36 pgs. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #83
    Superman Batman (2003) 83
    Published Jun 2011 by DC.

    Sorcerer Kings: Part 3 of 4 - Written by CULLEN BUNN Art by CHRISCROSS and MARC DEERING Cover by TRAVEL FOREMAN The penultimate chapter of 'Sorcerer Kings' finds Batman, Doctor Occult, Detective Chimp and Klarion the Witchboy facing a magical Armageddon in the present as Superman is taken to meet the future Justice League at the Hall of Doom! How did things go so wrong - and can anything be done to stop it? Cover price $2.99.