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Superman the Man of Steel One Million comic books issue 1

  • Issue #1
    Superman The Man of Steel One Million (1998) 1

    The early, paranoia-inducing signs of the Hourman Virus begin to appear all over 20th century Earth, as the time-traveling 853rd century Superman and the rest of Justice Legion A are hunted as villains. Chief among their pursuers: the Metal Men, who don't take kindly to any outside interference. As the chase intensifies, Vandal Savage sits back and savors the world-wide paranoia. Written by Karl Kesel and Jerry Ordway. Art by Anthony Williams and Dennis Janke. Cover by Gene Ha. FC, 32 pg. Miraweb Format. NOTE: The DC One Million series consists of 31 issues including a 4-issue mini-series and 27 one-shots. Cover price $1.99.