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Wolverine 1st Series comic books issue 148

  • Issue #148
    Wolverine (1988 1st Series) 148

    Erik Larsen/Roger Cruz. AGES OF APOCALYPSE: Book 3. On the 5th anniversary of "Age Of Apocalypse," the X-Men battle to stop a new dark day from dawning! ? THE STORY: Years have passed since CABLE #77 and the world has changed once again. The forces of the High Lord have exacted a horrrible price from the heroes of Earth. Among those martyred: Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and the Thing. But the Fantastic Four are not gone! In the place of the original team, a new (but strangely familiar) foursome has gathered: Spider-Man! The Hulk! Ghost Rider! And Wolverine! Together they've defeated all manner of threats, but now they face the ultimate test from a villain they thought long dead! ? THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. The cover by Erik Larsen will feature a fifth color ink to enhance the art. FC, 32pg" Cover price $1.99.