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Young Justice comic books issue 19

  • Issue #19
    Young Justice (1998) 19

    WRITTEN BY PETER DAVID; ART AND COVER BY TODD NAUCK AND LARY STUCKER In stores February 2. Enter the mysterious new character called the Empress! Friend or foe, she's right on the trail of the team... and she's not the only one! It all leads into March's YOUNG JUSTICE-centered event, SINS OF YOUTH " Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #19
    Young Justice (2011 DC 2nd Series) 19

    (W) Greg Weisman (A/CA) Christopher Jones THE BRAIN, MONSIEUR MALLAH and THE ULTRA-HUMANITE have captured the team. What does GORILLA GRODD want with MISS MARTIAN? Cover price $2.99.