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Amazing spider-man comic books issue 426

  • Issue #426
    Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) 426

    First $1.99 cover price. Cover pencils by Steve Skroce. "Only the Evil Return," script by Tom DeFalco, pencils by Steve Skroce, inks by Bud LaRosa; Peter has a nightmare about Otto Octavius returning from the dead; Dr. Octopus (Carolyn Trainer) looks for information on where Otto's body was taken; In a meatpacking plant, Master Zei tells the Rose that the body can be resurrected but requires that someone else's life-force be transferred into it. Carolyn recruits Angelina Brancale, transforming her back into Stunner, and locates the Master Programmer computer wizard in case she needs to reboot Otto's mind; Contemplating selling her knowledge of Norman Osborn's activities, Alison Mongrain considers contacting the Parkers; Carolyn and Stunner raid Rose's base where the True Believers and Delilah attack them; Spidey joins the mix only to have everyone gang up on him. 46 pgs., full color. $1.99. Cover price $1.99.