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Batman comic books issue 294

  • Issue #294
    Batman (1940) 294
    Published Dec 1977 by DC.
    • Cover detached.
    Auction opens January 7
    • Paper: White
    • Slab: New, unblemished
    • Newsstand Edition.
    • Label #02DAC9-001

    Cover art by Jim Aparo. The fourth installment of the "Who Killed Batman?" storyline: "Where Were You on the Night Batman Was Killed?: The Testimony of the Joker!", script by David Vern (as David V. Reed), pencils by John Calnan, inks by Tex Blaisdell; The Joker testifies to the circumstances whereby he killed Batman, but when Two-Face demands that the Joker produce the photographic evidence he claims to have, a recess is called; After Two-Face leaves the court, he removes his disguise, revealing the Batman beneath; Having identified the real murderer, Batman confronts the Joker and sends him back to Arkham. Hostess snack cakes ad with the Penguin. Daily Planet Volume 77 Issue 36 by Bob Rozakis; Information on Aquaman #59, Ghosts #59, comics on sale the week of September 12th, and Ask the Answer Man! 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.35.

  • Issue #294MJ
    Batman (1940) Mark Jewelers 294MJ

    Mark Jeweler Advertisement Insert Variant. In this issue, the fourth installment of the "Who Killed Batman?" storyline, the Joker and Batman tangle in a book-length adventure, "Testimony of the Joker!" Script by David V. Reed, pencils by John Calnan, inks by Tex Blaisdell. Cover price $0.35.