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Batman comic books issue 494

  • Issue #494
    Batman (1940) 494
    Tags: Batman Knightfall (part 5)
    Published Jun 1993 by DC.

    KnightFall Part 5. The Joker and Cornelius Stirk go after Commissioner Gordon, but what goes around comes around as the Scarecrow tracks the Joker in "Night Terrors." KnightFall continues in Detective Comics (1937- ) #661. Written by Doug Moench. Pencils by Jim Aparo. Inks by Tom Mandrake. Cover by Kelley Jones. Cover price $1.25.

  • Issue #494
    Batman (Mexican Series 1954-1985 Editorial Novaro) El Hombre Murcielago 494

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    Features Spanish language translation of Green Lantern (1960-1988 1st Series DC) #61. Cover pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Sid Greene. Thoroughly Modern Mayhem!, script by Mike Friedrich, pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Sid Greene; When a villain from Earth-Two, Captain Challenge, travels to Earth-One to try and commit crimes, Hal Jordan calls in his pal Alan Scott, the Green Lantern from Captain Challenge's universe; During the fight, Hal has to hold back because Challenge is using a ray that fires yellow beams, however Alan -- his power-ring having no weakness to yellow -- goes into the fray and easily defeats his foe. 36 pages, full color.