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Fantasy masterpieces comic books issue 3

  • Issue #3
    Fantasy Masterpieces (1979 2nd Series) 3

    Reprints Silver Surfer (1969 1st Series) #3. "The Power and the Prize!" Reprinting the 1st appearance of Mephisto. Written by Stan Lee. Art by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott. The valiant Silver Surfer comes face-to-face with the sinister creature who would go on to become his greatest adversary and one of the greatest forces for evil in the Marvel Universe, Mephisto! When the Lord of the Underworld kidnaps Shalla Bal, Norrin Radd has no choice but to venture in to the stygian depths and face the devil himself to save the woman he loves. Cover price $0.75.

  • Issue #3
    Fantasy Masterpieces (1966) 3

    Cover pencils by Jack Kirby (Captain America), Gene Colan, and Don Heck, inks by Frank Giacoia (Captain America), Gene Colan, and Don Heck. Reprints. "The Hunchback of Hollywood and the Movie Murder" from Captain America Comics #3, script by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Bernie Klein and George Roussos; Death and terror lurk behind the scenes of a Hollywood movie set as Cap and Bucky hunt a hunchback madman, whose bloody hand seeks to stop the grinding cameras from filming the truth for a liberty loving public. "I Am the Prisoner of the Voodoo King!" from Journey Into Mystery #82, art by Gene Colan; A criminal being brought to prison from a jungle outpost escapes into the jungle; He happens upon a tribe worshipping a gold idol and steals it. "Beware the Uboong!" from Strange Tales #100, art by Don Heck; Americans flee Uranus due to ferocious wildlife; The Soviets take the opportunity to land their own expedition, but because they ignore the American warnings they do not realize that the sheep-like creatures in the mountains are the deadly Uboongi. "Bruttu" from Tales of Suspense #22, art by Don Heck; An often-bullied scientist accidentally transforms himself into a monster, and is attacked when he cant make himself understood; In his new form he discovers that the girl hed thought out of his league really loves him, and manages to make himself human again. "I Saw the End of the World" from Strange Tales #73, art by Steve Ditko; A scientist builds a time machine and discovers that time is a loop with all events repeating themselves endlessly for eternity. "The Weird Case of the Pludering Butterfly and the Ancient Mummies!" from Captain America Comics #3, script by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Reed Crandall; Laughing at law and order, the Butterfly loots a museum of its priceless treasures until Captain America and Bucky steps in to clip his wings. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25.