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Flash comic books issue 123

  • Issue #123
    Flash (1987 2nd Series) 123
    Published Mar 1997 by DC.

    The cover and title for "The Flash of Two Cities" pays tribute to the classic "The Flash of Two Worlds" (issue #123 of the first Flash series) by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino. Flash considers making the coastal town of Santa Marta, California his new home. Script by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn, pencils by Paul Ryan, inks by John Nyberg. Cover art by Mike Wieringo (after Carmine Infantino). Cover price $1.75.

  • Issue #123
    Flash (1959 1st Series DC) 123
    Published Sep 1961 by DC.
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    Cover pencils by Carmine Infantino, inks by Murphy Anderson. 1st Silver Age appearance of Golden Age Flash; 1st mention of an Earth-2 where Golden Age heroes live. Flash of Two Worlds!, script by Gardner F. Fox, pencils by Carmine Infantino, inks by Joe Giella; Barry Allen appears at the Community Center in Central City to perform for kids, and during one of his amazing tricks, is mysteriously transported to Keystone City, a place that he recalls that the original Flash once lived; The two meet and Barry surmises that Jay lives on a parallel Earth, one that evidently Earth-1 writer Gardner Fox tuned in on when he wrote the adventures of the Flash in the 1940's; Jay tells Barry that a crime wave has hit Keystone City and asks Barry for his help. Fastest Trips Around The World! fact page. Promo for Superman Annual #3 and Secret Origins #1. Promo for Batman Annual #1, pencils by Curt Swan, Sheldon Moldoff, and Dick Sprang, inks by Charles Paris. Palisades Amusement Park ad with Superman. 36 pgs. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #123
    Millennium Edition Flash (2000) 123

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    WRITTEN BY JOHN BROOME; ART BY CARMINE INFANTINO AND JOE GIELLA; COVER BY INFANTINO AND MURPHY ANDERSON. A stunning reprint of the 1961 classic "Flash of Two Worlds," which introduced the concept of parallel Earths to the DC Universe and featured the first meeting between Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick and his successor, Silver Age Flash Barry Allen. FC, 32 PG. Cover price $2.50.