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Korak comic books issue 48

  • Issue #48
    Korak Son of Tarzan (1964 Gold Key/DC) 48

    Cover by Joe Kubert. "Lord of Pal-Ul-Don," script by Len Wein, art by Frank Thorne; The Pal-ul-don Tribe have become slaves to a tyrant; He wants them to raid villages for treasures, and have it melted down in order for them to erect a huge, golden statue of his face. "Battle Cry!", script by Len Wein, art by Mike Kaluta; During a jog, Carson comes upon some thieves; He realizes that the thieves mean to harm a beautiful woman in the garden; He leaps into action believing he will startle the intruders, instead they turn to fight, with weapons in hand; Though out-numbered five-to-one, Carson battles them, but then retreats when he notices several Venusian warriors coming after the intruders too; Adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pirates of Venus. 36 pgs., full color. $0.20. Cover price $0.20.