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Marvel premiere comic books issue 5

  • Issue #5
    Marvel Premiere (1972) 5

    Cover art by Mike Ploog. The Lurker in the Labyrinth!, script by Gardner F. Fox, pencils by Irv Wesley, inks by Don Perlin; Strange escapes being sacrificed to Sligguth, learns of the slumbering evil of Shuma-Gorath; Ancient One, weakened from giving power to Strange, is carried away by Shadowmen of sunken Kaa-U. Featuring concepts created by Robert E. Howard. 36 pgs. $0.20. Cover price $0.20.

  • Issue #5-1ST
    Marvel Premiere Classic Library Edition HC (2006-2013 Marvel) 5-1ST

    Volume 5 - 1st printing. "Wolverine: Weapon X!" Collects Marvel Comics Presents (1988-1995) #72-84. Story and art by BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH. Wolverine's a lot of things to a lot of people, but to one infamous enclave he was nothing but a weapon. And weapons kill people. They found that out well enough. Find out for yourself in this prequel to recent revelations of the murderous mysteries that have mesmerized our favorite mutant! Hardcover, 136 pages, full color. NOTE: Limited to 2000 copies. Cover price $19.99.

  • Issue #5MJ
    Marvel Premiere (1972) Mark Jewelers 5MJ

    Mark Jeweler Advertisement Insert Variant. Doctor Strange stars in "The Lurker in the Labyrinth!" Script by Gardner Fox, pencils by Sam Kweskin (as "Irv Wesley"), inks by Don Perlin. Featuring concepts created by Robert E. Howard. Mike Ploog cover. Cover price $0.20. Cover price $0.20.

  • Issue #5-1ST
    Moon Knight HC (2006-2009 Marvel) Premiere Edition 5-1ST

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    Volume 5 - 1st printing. "DOWN SOUTH!" Collects Moon Knight (2006- 3rd Series) #26-30. Written by MIKE BENSON. Art by JEFTE PALO. Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO. Out of the frying pan...into the inferno. Marc Spector may be dead, but Moon Knight is very much alive. Hiding out in the dark underbelly of Mexico City, trouble quickly finds the fugitive vigilante when a mysterious millionaire begs him to ensure the safe return of his kidnapped daughter. Problem is, the girl is in the clutches of corrupt cops that are currently in the crosshairs of a vigilante whose methods make even Khonshu blink. The Punisher has come down to Mexico, and God help anyone who gets between him and his prey. Hardcover, 120 pages, full color. Cover price $19.99.