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New mutants comic books issue 71

  • Issue #71
    New Mutants (1983 1st Series) 71

    Cover art by Bret Blevins. Limbo, script by Louise Simonson, pencils by Bret Blevins, inks by Al Williamson; Illyana teleports the New Mutants to Limbo but finds that she cannot open another stepping disc to earth; The team battles Sy'm and his Limbo Demons who have been infected with the transmode virus; They learn about Magik's earlier life in Limbo and Illyana discovers that it was the demon N'astirh who saved her from S'ym when she was a young child being trained by Belasco; N'astirh urges Magik to battle S'ym; Magik defeats S'ym, transforms into a fiery red Darkchilde and brings the New Mutants to Times Square--along with hordes of demons as they have been betrayed by N'astirh who keeps the stepping disc opens so his forces can invade New York! Inferno part 1 of 3. Flashbacks to Uncanny X-Men #160 and Magik #1-4.36 pgs. $1.00. Cover price $1.00.

  • Issue #71MJ
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    Mark Jewelers Advertisement Insert Variant. Cover price $1.00.