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Spectacular spider-man comic books issue 229

  • Issue #229A
    Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) 229A

    "No More the Hero!" The Greatest Responsibility Part 3 of 3. Giant-sized extravaganza. Direct Edition. Script by Tom DeFalco. Art by Sal Buscema (breakdowns & finishes) and Bill Sienkiewicz (finishes). Wraparound acetate cover by Sal Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz. Story continues from Spider-Man 63. Its a race against time as Mary Jane has fallen deathly ill due to trace exposure to Peter's irradiated blood! Fortunately though Seward Trainer has an antidote en route to the hospital! But Dr. Octopus (aka Carolyn Trainer) and Master Programmer hijack the shipment! So now with MJ's pregnancy in serious jeopardy, the web-slinger and the Scarlet Spider rampage through the city to find Doc Ock! And once they do, the Spectacular Spider-Man goes for broke against the lady octopus! If the wall-crawler can wrest away the antidote and then save his wife, he'll have a life-changing decision to make about his future as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! (Notes: The Scarlet Spider appears next in the first issue of Web of Scarlet Spider (1995). Peter Parker and Mary Jane leave New York and appear next in the one-shot Spider-Man The Parker Years (1995); and then in the Spider-Man The Final Adventure (1995) Limited Series. The Spectacular Spider-Man title was briefly replaced in November 1995 by the Spectacular Scarlet Spider series.) 52 pages. Cover price $3.95.

  • Issue #229B
    Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) 229B

    Newsstand, does not have acetate cover. Cover pencils by Sal Buscema, inks by Bill Sienkiewicz. The Greatest Responsibility, Part 3 of 3: No More the Hero, script by Tom DeFalco, pencils by Sal Buscema (breakdowns) and Bill Sienkiewicz (finishes), inks by Bill Sienkiewicz; Peter Parker gives up his life as Spider-Man; story continued from Spider-Man (1990) #63. 56 pgs. $3.95. Cover price $2.50.