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Strange tales comic books issue 145

  • Issue #145
    Strange Tales (1951-1976 1st Series) 145
    • Paper: White
    • Slab: New, unblemished

    Cover pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Mike Esposito. "Lo! The Eggs Shall Hatch!", script by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (co-plot), pencils by Jack Kirby (layouts) and Don Heck, inks by Mike Esposito (as Mickey Demeo); SHIELD sends out a squad of Nick Fury LMD's attempting to track down his would-be assassin; Instead of capturing the LMDs, The Druid's eggs have been destroying them; SHIELD arrives at the site of an exploded egg which was a trap; Fury battles the Druid one-on-one, worried that his men will be targeted if he fails; THEM plot crossover with Tales of Suspense 78. "To Catch a Magician!", script by Steve Ditko (plot) and Denny O'Neil (dialogue), art by Steve Ditko; Mr. Rasputin, descendant of the original, amasses magical & scientific knowledge in his goal of world domination; Sensing an evil presence Doctor Strange finds Rasputin who soon realizes he cannot match Strange's magic and shoots him; A hospitalized Strange informs the police about Rasputin but when they fail to find him Strange realizes he may have taken refuge at his sanctum! 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.12.