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Strange tales comic books issue 61 published by Marvel, 1950-1959

  • Issue #61
    Strange Tales (1951-1976 1st Series) 61
    • 3/4" Cumulative spine split.

    Cover art by Bill Everett. "The Laundry Machines!", art by Paul Reinman; A landlord squeezes a Haitian laundress for more rent and is made ill by voodoo; He has her deported, but the box holding the pills to cure him contains only more boxes, one within the next. "The Spectre," art by Dick Giordano; A race car driver refuses to drive after he sees a ghost; His manager thinks it is a hallucination, and pays a mystic to convince him it is safe. "The Miracle Painting" text story, art by Doug Wildey. "The Disappearing Man!", art by Ed Winiarski; A scientist who disappeared years ago returns, explaining that he is now king of an alternate dimension His greedy friend hopes to take over the dimension for himself, but ends up imprisoned indefinitely. "Menace of the Mirror," art by Bernard Baily; A scientist thinks he has invented a machine to give life to reflections in a mirror, but when he tests it he realizes that he himself is a reflection. "Fear Walks on Four Feet!", art by Al Eadeh; A man tries to ruin his partner and romantic rival; He overpowers a ray intended to capture a lion and it explodes; He seems to be blown into the past and hides for a year. "The Eyes That Never Close!", art by Bernie Krigstein; A prisoner tries to escape using a mystic idol, but it will only take the evil on doomed journeys through time, and he is trapped in Hiroshima just before the bomb falls. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.