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Strange tales comic books issue 71

  • Issue #71
    Strange Tales (1951-1976 1st Series) 71

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    Cover art by Jack Davis. "I Dared to Defy Merlin's...Black Magic!", art by Steve Ditko; An American businessman scoffs at a shopowner's claim that one of his books was Merlin's diary, until a terrifying vision of Merlin turns his hair white. "The Disappearance" text story. "I Am the Man Who Will...Destroy Your World!", art by Don Heck; An alien emperor of an immortal race comes to Earth disguised as a human to decide whether or not to order an invasion; He is impressed with the humans' decency and falls in love with a human girl. "When the Saucer Strikes!", art by Paul Reinman; A airline pilot is nearly hit by a flying saucer and must bank suddenly to avoid it; The passengers were mostly asleep, and the one who was awake says that he saw nothing...because he's really a Martian tourist and the saucer came to pick him up. "I Fought the Man Who Couldn't Be Killed!", art by Sol Brodsky; A criminal escapes from prison after 10 years and robs a warehouse; He is found by a police officer with superhuman powers, and is surprised to learn that the police now only recruit robots. "I Am the Man Without a Face!", art by Joe Sinnott; A bigot rounds up some thugs to don black hoods and drive some harmless gypsies out of town; One of the gypsies curses him, and he is never able to remove his hood for the rest of his life. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.