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X-treme x-men comic books issue 17

  • Issue #17
    X-Treme X-Men (2001 1st Series) 17

    Rogue's Destiny: La Suerte De Matar! - Written by Chris Claremont. Art and Cover by Salvador Larroca. After being stabbed through the heart last issue, Rogue begins to manifest the powers of many of the people she has touched over the years and decides to try and use this ability to take down Vargas. Characters in this issue: X-Men [Storm; Rogue; Bishop; Gambit; Thunderbird [Neal Shaara]; Sage [Tessa]; Lifeguard [Heather Cameron]; Slipstream [Davis Cameron]]; Shanna Cho; Vargas; Thais; Shaitan [as Storm]; Viper. 32 pages, full color. Marvel PG Cover price $2.99.