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Black Diamond (2007 AIT Planetlar) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Black Diamond (2007 AIT Planetlar) 1

    by Larry Young & Jon Proctor Fifty years from now, an elevated highway spans the nation. Initially a response to international terrorism, the U.S. government grounds commercial airline flights and builds the Black Diamond, a dangerous road full of gearheads and misfits, drug runners and grey-market tech heads, all driving illegal 1970s muscle cars in a nomadic, breakneck existence. But when the government decides to clean up the Black Diamond heading east and his wife is taken hostage by forces loyal to the road, Dr. Don McLaughlin has to borrow his brother-in-law's illegal 1973 Mercury Cougar to get on the highway and rescue his wife... 150 feet above and 100 miles-per-hour faster than anything he's ever known! Cover price $2.95.

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  • Issue #2
    Black Diamond (2007 AIT Planetlar) 2

    by Larry Young & Jon Proctor Kate Maddox has a problem: she's been kidnapped by a couple of guys and held against her will in a seedy apartment. That's not the problem, though - her kidnappers just aren't that bright, and when you've been shanghai'ed, the least you could expect is some snappy conversation. The Big-Man Conversation, though, is being had by Army General Cooper and oil baron Dixie Johnson about the state of the world, while Doctor Don is headed Kate's way on the elevated highway of the future, as he picks up an unwitting passenger! Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #4
    Black Diamond (2007 AIT Planetlar) 4

    by Larry Young & Jon Proctor Everybody thinks he's some kind of bad guy. But what he learned early on is that the naysayers will always say even the most reliable businessmen are scum and can't be trusted. How do you fight in public? You can't. So embrace the image of being a greedy bastard, and troddin' on the little guy. Become a polarizin' force, be happy about your government contacts and blind luck, and use all of it to have country-wide control of the go-juice! Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #5
    Black Diamond (2007 AIT Planetlar) 5

    by Larry Young & Jon Proctor The waitress' crazy ex-boss/boyfriend and his army of ten thousand bikers are right behind the orthodontist and they can't go anywhere because he accidentally destroyed his car by lassoing it to a bullet train and flying it into a restaurant. Which they were lucky to avoid themselves. Flying into the restaurant. No wheels, no wife, no prospects. And no idea what to do. Time to hit the road, any way they can. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #6
    Black Diamond (2007 AIT Planetlar) 6

    by Larry Young & Jon Proctor This is where it all ends! The United States Army faces off against the assembled might of the Black Diamond populace, with Kate and her kidnappers on one side of an angry general and Dr. McLaughlin and Cammie on the other with some vicious bikers! Cover price $2.95.