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Kiss 4K (2007) comic books

  • Issue #1A
    Kiss 4K (2007) 1A

    (W) Ricky Sprague (A/C) Daniel Campos & Kevin Crossley (CVR) Rodolfo Migliari A mysterious and beautiful figure reveals to each KISS member that they carry the world-protecting warrior spirits of the 4K. But have they learned this incredible secret too late? Get in on the ground floor of this sprawling, epic adventure as realities crash, and the Demon, the Starchild, the King of All Beasts, and the Celestial, open up an all-new KISS universe! 40pgs, FC Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #2
    Kiss 4K (2007) 2

    The KISS 4K team, Demon, Starchild, King of All Beasts and Celestial, meet a new ally, Lolita St √Čtrange and her coven of witches. But are they really allies? And what past do they share with the mysterious Wicked Lester? Plus, learn what the Destroyer cult has planned for the KISS 4K team. Lookee here! This issue's cover is the first in a series of four interlocking covers that will grace KISS 4K #2-#5. You know you gotta collect 'em all! Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #5
    Kiss 4K (2007) 5

    writer: Ricky Sprague art and color: Kevin Crossley cover: Rodolfo Migliari As the KISS 4K try to find out what has happened to their families, they are attacked by the Destroyer Cult's henchman Exciter and his rogues galley (Hard Times, Night Machine, Deuce, Charisma, and Strutter). Cover price $3.99.