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House of Secrets (1956 1st Series) comic books

  • Issue #151
    House of Secrets (1956 1st Series) 151

    Cover art by Mike Kaluta. Introductory page with Abel, script by Paul Levitz, art by Michael Golden. "Love Me... Love My Demon!", script by Arthur Suydam (idea) and Cary Burkett, art by Arthur Suydam; A marsh-demon befriends a kid in an orphanage; When the aunt and uncle come for the boy, the marsh-demon exchanges appearances with him and tells him to hide in the closet. The adults take the marsh-demon back with them to their house. "Death Has Baby-Blue Eyes," script by Robert Kanigher, art by Ruben Yandoc (as Rubeny); A three-month old child observes his parent's murder; The killer approaches the crib and gets a good look at the child and the elephant necklace he wears; The killer leaves the kid alone as he thinks there's no way the kid could act as a witness against him; The years pass, and the child grows up to be a police officer. "Nightmare," script by Miriam B. Campbell (poem) and Roger McKenzie, art by Michael Golden. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.35.

  • Issue #152
    House of Secrets (1956 1st Series) 152

    Cover art by Vicente Alcazar. Introductory page with Abel, script by Paul Levitz, pencils by John Calnan, inks by Danny Bulanadi. "Sister Witch," script by Jack C. Harris, art by Jess Jodloman; A boy is picked up at the orphanage by his sister only to learn that he is to be sacrificed in a Satanic ritual. Statement of ownership; Total No. Copies Printed Nearest To Filing Date: 303,008. "Monkey See, Monkey Do," script by Jack Oleck, art by Ruben Yandoc; A doctor thinks that he can use an ape's imitative qualities to murder his wife and get away with it as he suspects her and his assistant of being lovers; The assistant complains when the doctor leaves his trained ape uncaged while they operate on other primates, but the doctor tells the assistant if he doesn't like it than he can leave; Eventually the doctor accuses the assistant and the assistant admits he loves the doctor's wife but they are not having an affair; The doctor fires the assistant but before he leaves the assistant sees the doll that the doctor trains the ape to act aggressively on and figures the assistant might be able to implicate him in his wife's murder. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.35.

  • Issue #153
    House of Secrets (1956 1st Series) 153

    Cover art by Jim Aparo. Introductory page with Abel, script by Paul Levitz, art by Gerry Talaoc. "The Resurrection Business!", script by Bob Toomey, pencils by Val Mayerik, inks by Augie Scotto; A man who revives the dead for money is strangled by the ungrateful dead. "Don't Look Now!", script by Jack Oleck, art by Alex NiƱo; A man leads an expedition that ends in disaster to a Greek island rumored to be the home of shape-shifting blood suckers called Cypors; They locate the Cypor cave but all except three all killed retreating from the cave; Explosives are used accidentally to seal the cave and the man who lead the expedition is bitter after returning home with no proof that Cypors exist; He begins to suspect that his wife really died in the cave and that a Cypor took her place so he follows her one evening and sees her feed off a pedestrian; He calls the other man who came back from the expedition and they shoot her. DC Publishorial by Jenette Kahn. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.35.

  • Issue #154
    House of Secrets (1956 1st Series) 154

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    Featuring: 1-page "The House of Secrets" intro written by Paul Levitz and drawn by Bill Draut & Maurice Whitman; "To Master a Mummy!" written by Scott Edelman and drawn by Charles Nicholas and Romeo Tanghal; "The Smartest Plant in the World!" written by Arnold Drake and drawn by Ruben Yandoc; "A Piece of the Sky" written by Bob Toomey and drawn by Tom Sutton; "The Knight in a Gilded Cage!" written by Scott Edelman and drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Cover by Mike Kaluta. 44 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.50.