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Mobius Klein (2001) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Mobius Klein (2001) 1

    Story and Art by Kia Asamiya. This is where Silent Mobius all began! Mobius Klein is the prequel, telling the stories of the events that took place before the current Silent Mobius storyline. Who are the Lucifer Hawks? How did they escape Nemesis and end up on Earth? Just who was Gigelf Liquer? Why does Katsumi still have to bear the curse of her father's actions? And who is the mysterious woman in black leather that keeps popping up in the shadows? Look no further manga fans, as you'll find all of the answers right here! In this premiere issue, meet Gigelf Liquer, Katsumi's father and magician extraordinaire. As he travels to Tokyo for a meeting of the Earth's most powerful wizards, he is attacked at the airport by his ex-assistant, Ganosa Maxmillian. Having dabbled in the Dark Arts, Ganosa has turned to the ways of evil and seeks to teach his ex-master a lesson. Can Gigelf's skill and experience overcome Ganosa's newfound power and rage? And what effect will this battle have on the city and denizens of Tokyo? 32 pages, B&W. Cover price $2.95.