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Realworlds Superman (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Realworlds Superman (2000) 1

    Eddie is just another kid on the street ? a little shy, a little gangly, a little meek...until he crosses the path of a local street tough named Pete. And that's when Pete decides to turn the bookish "Superboy"'s life around in REALWORLDS: SUPERMAN, the newest Prestige one-shot exploring the real-life influence exerted by the DC Universe's most iconic characters. Set in the 1950s, REALWORLDS: SUPERMAN is written and pencilled by the SUPERMAN, INC. team of Steve Vance and Jose Luis García-López with inks by Joe Rubinstein). Pete befriends Eddie the way street toughs do, strong-arming him into a night of drunken revelry. The next morning, Eddie wakes up with a thunderous hangover and a burning sensation across his chest. Staggering over to the bathroom mirror, he pulls open his shirt to discover the "mark of Superman": a huge tattoo of his comic-book hero's fabled emblem stretching across his chest. REALWORLDS: SUPERMAN follows how Eddie's life is radically altered by the symbol ? how he goes from innocent kid to hardened criminal before coming to understand the true meaning of the shield he wears ? as it changes from a mark of shame to one of pride. REALWORLDS: SUPERMAN is a 48-page Prestige Format one-shot. Edited by Andrew Helfer. Cover price $5.95.