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La Muerta Vengeance (2017 Coffin) comic books

    La Muerta Vengeance (2017 Coffin) 1MUERTALORIAN
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    • Paper: White
    • Slab: Standard, no notable issues
    • Manufactured with "67/100" printed on cover. La Muertalorian Edition.
    • Label #4083940001

    La Muertalorian Edition cover by Joel Gomez - Limited to 100 copies. Having avenged her family's brutal murders, Maria Diaz thought she could hang up her guns forever. She thought wrong. Something is slaughtering helpless immigrants, including innocent children. Once more, Santa Muerte, the saint of death, calls upon Maria to be an instrument of vengeance. And again Maria heeds the call, donning the guise of La Muerta. In her relentless pursuit of justice, Maria violently confronts Brujo, a crime boss/warlock and his sexy sidekick assassin Sangre, 'Loco,' a kill-crazy Luchador vigilante, and an ancient, remorseless evil that makes her question her very existence. What terrible price will Maria pay for the sake of justice? 48 pages, full color.