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X-Men Fairy Tales (2006) comic books

  • Issue #1
    X-Men Fairy Tales (2006) 1

    Written by C. B. Cebulski Art and Cover by SANA TAKEDA In the tradition of the X-Men Classic, 'Kitty's Fairy Tale,' comes a series of new legends, reimagining the greatest X-Men stories through folktales, myths and fables from across the globe. In the story of Momotaro, the Peach-Boy, an old Japanese woodcutter and his wife cut open a giant peach only to find a baby boy with a peach pit for an eye, crying inside! The couple quickly learns that there is more than meets the eye as the baby shoots ruby-red optic blasts when the pit is removed! Afraid of how the outside world would treat him, the Peach-Boy is raised in seclusion until a mysterious Monk comes along and shows the teenaged Peach-Boy that his is a gift to be proud of. Believing he is destined for greater things, the boy joins the monk on a journey to defeat the evil demons that have plagued his lands and captured a beautiful red-haired princess. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    X-Men Fairy Tales (2006) 2

    Written by C. B. CEBULSKI. Pencils & Cover by KYLE BAKER. A re-imagining of the tragic origin of Professor Xavier and Magneto! In the ancient African tale, 'The Friendship of the Tortoise and the Eagle,' dangerous circumstances cause two pals to take violently different life paths. This tale of friendship and fate is masterfully illustrated by Eisner Award-winning comics legend Kyle Baker (Why I Hate Saturn, Captain America: The Truth, Plastic Man)! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    X-Men Fairy Tales (2006) 3

    Written by C. B. CEBULSKI. Penciled by KEI KOBAYASHI. Cover by CLAIRE WENDLING. Our storytellers turn their attention to the American South this month and tap the terrifying traditions of New Orleans in a retelling of the romance of Rogue and Gambit. When a voodoo priestess named Mystique meets a young girl who can speak with the spirits of the recently deceased, she tries to bend the girl's will and use her abilities for evil. They soon learn it's unwise to upset the ghosts and ghouls of the South, and it's up to a mysterious Cajun stranger to set things right! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #4
    X-Men Fairy Tales (2006) 4

    Written by C. B. CEBULSKI Pencils & Cover by BILL SIENKIEWICZ. The X-Men collide with some of the Brothers Grimm's most classic fairy tales! When a blind tailor awakens a beautiful red-haired princess from her eternal slumber, he thinks he's found true love at last. But a certain blade-wielding butcher named Logan may know more about the princess' past than anyone realizes. 32 PGS./Rated A. Cover price $2.99.