Selling a top collection? Talk to Buddy

Greetings from Buddy Saunders!

I can help you get the best price for your collection, be it a personal collection built over many years or an estate. I've been buying and selling comics--and collecting!--since 1961. I know my comics. And I love 'em! My company, Lone Star Comics, selling on the internet as MyComicShop, is the largest comic book retailer in the world. If you are a longtime comic collector, you probably have bought from me over the past 60 years.

Give me a call

I have a whole department devoted to doing nothing but buying comic collections. My assistants help me handle the many collections we buy--everything from Golden Age to modern comics and everything in between.

But if you have a collection of high grade, high value Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age comics, you'll want to speak directly to me.

Give me a call at 817-701-0704 and ask for me, Buddy Saunders. If I'm on the phone or in a meeting, leave a message saying you wish to speak with me about selling your prime collection. I promise you a prompt call back!

Best price guarantee

I'll not tell you that we pay more than anyone. No one pays top dollar every single time. Sometimes the other guy needs your collection more than we do. But I can guarantee that you'll end up with a higher final sale price for your collection if you contact me and give us the opportunity to make an offer.

We are actively looking for and buying prime collections all the time and we are willing to pay top dollar, so there's a great possibility you'll be selling to us. But even if our offer doesn't come out on top, you'll know you got the best possible price from the other guy, because he had to beat our very best offer.

We'll gladly work with you under whatever selling process makes you most comfortable. One easy way we've found that works to the benefit of the seller is to gather two or more buyers, give them time to review your collection, then do an on the spot offer back-and-forth until you reach the best possible price. We will readily bid against anybody in the industry.

Beware of selling too low, too fast, and collusion among buyers

One technique buyers chasing big comic collections employ is to show up fast, wave around a stack of cash, and pressure the buyer to close the deal immediately so the buyer doesn't have an opportunity to obtain other offers. It may indeed be a lot of money that you're being offered, but by taking the first offer to come along you could be leaving a large amount of money on the table. This is especially true in comic estate sale situations where the person selling the comics knows much less about comics than the original owner of the collection.

It's also important to be aware of the possibilty of collusion among the buyers vying for your collection. It's not frequently talked about, but it's not unheard of for 2-3 comic dealers to put up a front of bidding against one other for a major collection, when in reality they have agreed ahead of time to lowball the seller and then share the windfall after the collection is purchased. As long as we are in the running for your collection, you know that you're getting an honest and for real best offer.

I'm easy to work with

Like virtually all the comic collectors I've met over the years, you'll find that I'm a nice guy and easy to work with. No matter where you are--anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or around the world--we will come to you, buy your collection, and we can pay you in full on the spot. Or, if you prefer to have your payments spread out over time, that can be easily arranged.

Check out the many seller testimonials we have received from collectors happy with their experience selling to us.

Our advantages as a seller allow us to pay you more

We've got the biggest comic buying customer base, and more buyers means we can sell your comics more easily and at better prices so we can pay you more for them. receives over 7.5 million page views a month and is the only comic retailer in the top 5000 largest web sites in the US according to data from Quantcast Top Websites.

We don't just sell on our own web site. We also sell on eBay, where we are the largest seller of Golden Age and Silver Age comics and have almost 14,000 followers of our eBay seller account.

We buy entire collections because we sell everything--low dollar to high, Golden Age to modern, all publishers, all genres. That's not true of the typical buyer who wants to cherry pick your collection or will end up bulking out much of your collection to other sellers because they're not able to sell it themselves.

I have a long track record

I've been selling comics since 1961. In all that time we have a 100% record with never a single late payment. We know that getting paid on time and without hassle is important. Our reputation for fairness and honesty--and friendly service--is unequalled. I am an Overstreet advisor as is my son Conan.

I am more than a comic seller. I'm a fan. In the 1960s and 1970s I did covers and amateur super hero comics for many of the fanzines of the day, including Rocket's Blast ComicCollector and Star-Studded Comics, the longest running amateur comic book.

We also pay finder's fees

If you know of a great collection looking for a buyer, please put us in contact with the owner. We pay generous finder's fees and can partner with collectors or dealers who would like to take advantage of our industry-best sales platform to market a major collection.

In closing

If you've made it this far I hope your next step is to call me to discuss your collection. Please call our office, 817-701-0704, and ask for me, Buddy Saunders. If I'm on the phone or in a meeting, leave a message saying you wish to speak with me about selling your prime collection. I promise you a prompt call back!