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Consignment Service Overview

How to consign - if you already know you want to consign, click here to get started. Otherwise keep reading for an overview of what our consignment service can do for you and how it works.

What can be consigned?

What is consignment?

Consignment is the easiest way to sell your higher valued comics and comic art for the best possible price. Consider this comparison.

Selling Option Your Work Your Expenses Results
Sell on eBay Create listings
Assign grades
Provide pictures
Answer questions
Ship orders
Handle buyer problems
~13% total fees
Shipping materials
Cost of returns, fraud
Your time and labor
A good option but requires
time and effort. Prices for
slabbed comics good, prices
for self-graded comics may be
sub-par unless you are a
well-known seller.

Sell on Amazon Create listings
Assign grades
Provide pictures
Answer questions
Ship orders
Handle buyer problems
15%+ selling fees
Shipping materials
Cost of returns, fraud
Your time and labor
Not a good venue for selling
collectibles. Hassle to list,
high fees, restrictive seller

Sell to us List comics (small groups)
Discuss collection (large groups)
Ship or arrange pickup
One shipment to us.
We cover some shipping costs.
Competitive prices
Immediate payment

Consign with us Ship comics
Choose Auction or Buy It Now
One shipment to us.
8-10% commission
Strong prices
Prompt payment to you once
buyer completes purchase.

We are happy to buy your comics outright, and many sellers choose that option. We buy everything from $2 comics to high value Golden Age books over $100,000, and everything in between. However, as a retailer we cannot pay the full market value of an item when buying it, we still have to make money. If you have expensive comics and want to get the highest possible price for them, consignment is the way to go since our consignment commission is only 8-10% of the item's sale price.

When you consign a comic with us, all you do is ship the comic to us. We grade the comic for you if it's not already graded by CGC or CBCS and provide high quality images of the cover. When it's ready you choose how you want to sell, either Auction or Buy It Now.

Auction items will be assigned to the next available auction. Our Prime Auctions take place four times a year, in January, April, July, and October, and showcase higher value comics with a particular focus on more valuable Golden Age, Silver Age, and high grade Bronze Age and Modern. In between the Prime Auctions we run weekly auctions that start and end each Monday evening. View our auctions

Buy It Now items will be posted for sale to the two largest comic book marketplaces on the internet: MyComicShop and eBay. We post your item to eBay for you at no additional charge to you, and if an item sells on eBay you'll get paid your asking price minus our commission just as you would if it had sold on MyComicShop.

Make an offer is an optional feature for your Buy It Now listings. If you allow offers, buyers who make an offer will begin a negotiation in which you can accept, decline, or counteroffer each offer received. Buyers on both MyComicShop and eBay are able to make offers on your items.


You pay nothing out of pocket, only a commission when your item sells:

Auction 8% commission
Commission capped at $1000
Minimum commission $5 for slabbed comics
Minimum commission $7 for unslabbed comics, art, and non-comic items
Buy It Now 10% commission on sales up to $300, 8% on portion beyond $300
Commission capped at $1000
Minimum commission $5 for slabbed comics
Minimum commission $7 for unslabbed comics, art, and non-comic items
Multi-item lots 25% commission
Minimum commission $12 per lot up to 10 items plus $1 per item for any items beyond 10

Low price guarantee: if you are offered a lower consignment rate from any major venue, let us know and we'll match or beat it. Any comparison should be inclusive of all fees charged by the auction house including buyer's premium. Watch out for services that tell you they're willing to waive the seller's premium for you but charge a high buyer's premium. They may even offer to pay you part of the buyer's premium to make you feel like you're getting a great deal. Don't be fooled by math tricks: all that matters is the total percentage of the purchase price that is kept by the auction house.

What comics are currently consigned with MyComicShop?

We currently have over 35,000 comics consigned with us, and sold more than 85,000 consigned comics last year.

View recently listed consignment items


We issue payments weekly. Payments are usually issued within 1-7 days of the ship date of your sold item.

You choose your payment method: check, PayPal, or credit to your MyComicShop account. Payment made in account credit is same as cash and can be spent on anything we sell.

A 3% buyer's premium is charged to buyers purchasing consignment items who pay by credit card or PayPal. The Buyer's Premium is not charged to buyers paying with check, bank transfer, or MyComicShop account credit. Most buyers making larger purchases will not pay with credit card or PayPal, so the buyer's premium is not a factor in their purchase. The buyer's premium has no effect on the consignor: you as the seller get paid the same regardless of whether the buyer paid a buyer's premium.

Buy It Now format: initial listing period of 12 to 24 months

Buy It Now listings may be listed for an initial listing period of between 12 and 24 months, depending on value, as shown here:

Buy It Now listings that have not been sold by the end of this period have three options:

  1. Continue listing the Buy It Now item as long as the price is within reasonable market price range (as determined by MyComicShop), and you drop the price at least 5% every 90 days that it remains unsold
  2. Or, put the item in auction
  3. Or, opt in to paying storage fees for the item, which will allow you to continue listing the item at a price higher than we think is reasonable market price range. For raw (unslabbed) comics, the monthly storage charge is 0.25% of the Buy It Now price or $0.20, whichever is greater. For CGC or CBCS slabbed comics, plus comic art and all other non-comic collectables, the monthly storage charge is 0.25% of the Buy It Now price or $1.00, whichever is greater.

For any items already listed as consignments prior to August 1, 2020, the listing duration will not begin counting until August 1. For example, if you have a consigned item that falls into the under $1000 category with a listing duration of 12 months, your item could be listed for sale until August 1, 2021 before the listing duration elapsed, regardless of how long the item had already been in stock prior to August 1, 2020.

Buy It Now Pricing

The consignor chooses their own pricing when listing a Buy It Now item, unless you are selling via collection consignment in which case we will handle all pricing decisions for you. The page you will use to assign your item prices provides information on previous sales to help you determine how to price.

At our discretion, we may specify a maximum allowable price on an item we believe to be priced too high, and we may periodically lower this price if the item does not sell. Our goal is to balance flexibility in consignor pricing against a desire for items to be priced in a realistic range where they are likely to sell within a reasonable amount of time.

If we set a max price that is lower than the consignor's currently assigned price, the item will be temporarily unlisted until the consignor decides what to do. The consignor may assign a new price that is equal to or lower than the maximum allowed price, or can assign the item to auction.

Requesting return of your consignments

It is rare that a consignor requests that an item be returned, but there is no minimum time commitment required. Unsold consignments that are not part of auctions already in progress may be returned to you upon request. Your account will charged return shipping cost plus $2 per item for CGC and CBCS graded comics and $4 per item for raw comics and non-comic items.

Ready to consign?

If you're ready to consign, How to consign will help you get started.