We make it easy to sell your comics

  • We are Lone Star Comics, selling online as MyComicShop.com.
  • We are the largest comic book retailer in the world.
  • Each year we buy millions of comics from sellers all across the United States and around the world.
  • We buy from individuals and from our fellow comic book retailers.
  • We buy single high value comics, collections both large and small, estates, and store overstocks and liquidations.
  • We also offer attractive consignment options.

Whether you're a long-time collector or are new to comics and just trying to figure out what to do with a family member's old collection, we make selling easy and profitable.

  • Lone Star Comics is a two-generation family-owned and operated business that's been selling comics since 1961.
  • You'll find that we have an outstanding reputation for honesty and square dealing. See what other sellers say about their experience selling to us.

In addition to comic books, we also buy:

  • Trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and comic-related magazines
  • Original comic art
  • Canadian, UK, Australian editions
  • Pulps, digest magazines, fanzines, paperbacks, pre-1980s Men's interest magazines, and portfolios
  • Coloring books, premiums, buttons, figurines, toys, and DC and Marvel Slurpee cups
  • Plus a lot of other items you may have! Don't throw anything away before checking with us!

One of the following selling options will work for you.

Option 1: High Value Collections and Large Estates

  • $1 million comic buying budget available.
  • No matter what part of the country you are in, we will come to you and make an immediate cash offer for your comics.
  • We do not cherry-pick, taking only your best comics and leaving you with what's more difficult to sell. We buy everything and you'll be pleased with what we pay.

High Value Comics: Keys, Rare or High Grade Gold, Silver, Bronze Age

  • We pay very competitive prices for individual high value comics.
  • Have just one comic? A dozen? Hundreds? We are buying!

We pay finder's fees and can help finance major comic deals

  • Know of a great collection or a key comic looking for a buyer? We can work with you in a variety of ways to help major buys happen, including providing financing. We'll do the deal with you, or if you prefer, pay you a finder's fee.

Call us at 817-701-0704, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central to speak with a comic buying specialist.

Option 2: Sell using our online want list (all eras, all values)

  • You can sell comics from any era, low grade or high grade, low value or high value, "raw" or 3rd party encapsulated.
  • Our want list is updated in real time based on our current inventory needs. You can look up any issue to see if we're buying it, and if so, how much we'll pay for it.
  • Individual sellers and comic stores use this option to sell us more than a million comics a year.

How to Sell Your Comics Using Option 2 (Online Want List)

How to Ship Comic Books - tips for packing and shipping your comics

Scan Your Comics - own a barcode scanner? Use it to scan your collection quickly

Option 3: Sell your entire collection of comics cover priced $0.75 or less

We will buy your entire collection under option 3 if at least half of your collection is comics cover priced $0.75 or less. If you have a collection consisting of mostly newer comics (1990s and 2000s, cover prices $1.00 and higher), we recommend you use Option 2: Sell using our online want list.

Before offering your comics to us, we suggest you check with your local comic store, or antique shop or used book store if there's no comic store in your area, and get an offer price from them for your comics. That way you have something to compare to when you receive our offer. Sellers who take our advice and get another offer first tell us that our offer is usually two to ten times better.

  • If you have a complete list of your comics, send it to us. We will evaluate your list and get back to you with an offer for your whole collection.
  • If you don't have a list, you don't have to spend endless hours creating one. Instead, send us a cover price count summary which can be prepared very quickly. That and a few follow up questions from us and you'll have our offer.
  • When we buy your collection, we'll either pick up your comics or pay all shipping costs. Either way, you'll not be out a dime for shipping.
  • If we have a Buying Partner near you, that partner can assist us in purchasing your comics.

Call us at 817-701-0704, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central to speak with a comic buying specialist.

Option 4: Consign your high value comics and comic art

  • Sell comics and comic art valued $50 or more via list price or auction.
  • Free grading, free listings on MyComicShop.com and on eBay, no hidden fees.
  • Our commission when items sell: 10% for items selling under $300 (minimum $5 commission); 8% $300 to $3,000; 6% over $3,000

How to Consign Your Comics Using Option 4

How to Ship Comic Books - tips for packing and shipping your comics

Option 5: Ship your comics cover priced $0.75 or less for an offer

  • This option is very popular with both individual sellers and comic stores because it is so easy.
  • There's no faster way to get a great price for your comics.
  • This option is especially popular with sellers who have large collections and enjoy receiving a big payment check every week or two. Ship a box every week or so, get paid every week or so!
  • Canadian sellers often have difficulty selling into the U.S., but not with this option.
  • No prior authorization required, just follow the instructions and ship your comics. There is no easier way to sell your comics!
  • Any quantity of $0.10 cover priced comics may be sent under this option, even a single comic.
  • Groups of 100 or more comics with a cover price of $0.75 or less can be shipped directly to us for an offer.
    • Comics with cover price $0.10 to $0.25 may be sent in any grade.
    • Comics with cover price $0.30 to $0.75 may be sent only if in new condition.

First time sellers may want to send a 100 comic test lot. If you are pleased with our first offer, and likewise pleased with our service, you will then want to continue selling the remainder of your comics to us, either by additional 100 comic lots, by the long box lot (perfect for shipping), or ship your entire collection.

  • Once your comics arrive at our warehouse, you'll receive an offer within seven business days (usually sooner), and we pay immediately on your acceptance of our offer.
  • If we are unable to agree on a price for your comics, we will return your comics to you at our expense.
  • Before selling any of your comics, we recommend you first get an offer from your local comic shop or antique store to compare to our offer. Those who sell to us regularly under this option tell us that our offers are two to ten times better than the offers they got locally.

About the current market:

  • Action, Adventure, Superhero, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Western, and War titles are the most collected. Humor, Archie, Dell, Gold Key, Harvey, funny animal (Disney, Looney Toons, etc.) comics are in less demand, and are very common in lower grades.
  • Comics cover priced $0.30 and higher that are not in new condition generally have very limited value and often do not justify the cost of shipping the comics to us for an offer. We do not cover return shipping on $0.30 to $0.75 comics that do not meet our requirement to be in new condition.

How to Sell Your Comics Using Option 5

How to Ship Comic Books - tips for packing and shipping your comics

Call us at 817-701-0704, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central to speak with a comic buying specialist.

Option 6: Sell paperback books

  • We pay $1.00 per paperback book cover-priced $0.75 or less, all types: sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, humor, western, horror, mystery, military, crime, romance, historical.
  • We pay $1.00 per paperback book, ANY cover price if: Comic book related, Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Spider, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, any Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  • We pay $0.50 per paperback books cover-priced $1.00 or higher, all types: sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, humor, western, horror, mystery, military, crime, historical, but NOT buying romance if cover-price $1.00 or higher.
  • For the purposes of this selling option, a paperback book is considered to be any softcover, text based book with measurements not in excess of 4-in. x 6-in. We will not buy larger format paperbacks (trade copies or softcovers) via this selling option.
  • We pay your shipping cost to us.
    • If Very Good to New, we pay full amount per book as noted above.
    • If in lesser condition, we pay half of the prices listed above.
  • We pay a lot more than your local used book store.
  • We also buy science fiction and fantasy magazines 1970s or older, any size, digest or full format, paying $1.00 per copy if in New or Near New condition; $0.50 if in lesser condition.
  • We are not buying trade-size or hardback books.
  • You can ship 100 (minimum quantity) or more paperbacks and/or digests/magazines to us for immediate payment.

Call us at 817-701-0704, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central to speak with a buyer.

Option 7: Store Stock

  • We buy store overstocks and store liquidations. Have you closed your store, or just have long boxes piled up in your back room?
  • If you have 300 or more long boxes, we will travel anywhere in the contiguous 48 states to buy your inventory. We are especially looking for lots large enough to fill an 18-wheeler (21 skids).

Call us at 817-701-0704, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central and ask to speak with Buddy.

Option 8: Bring your comics to us

If you can bring your comics to our Arlington, Texas warehouse, we will buy everything you want to sell, any comic, any condition, any quantity. Arlington is located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Call first to schedule an appointment, Monday thru Friday only, 9AM to 5PM. We are closed on the weekend.

Call us at 817-701-0704, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central to speak with a comic buying specialist.

MyComicShop Local Buyer Network

We have long-standing relationships with more than 100 trusted professional comic buyers in locations across the United States, Canada, and even some locations overseas. We can often arrange a visit by one of our buyers to evaluate qualifying collections and make immediate cash offers. We and our partners buy comics, magazines, graphic novels, digests, pulps, paperbacks, and other related paper items. We don't cherry pick. We buy everything.

To qualify for a visit from one of our Buying Partners, your collection must have:

  • 1,000 or more comics cover priced $0.25 or less
  • 2,000 or more comics cover priced $0.65 or less
  • 5,000 or more comics of any cover price/publication date with all $0.75 cover price and up being VF/NM

We have comic buyers in the following locations. Even if you are not in one of these locations, we may have a buyer who will come out and make an offer for your collection.

Alabama Mobile
Arizona Phoenix, Tucson
Arkansas Little Rock, Texarkana
California Chico, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose
Colorado Denver
Florida Jacksonville, Miami, Naples, Sarasota, Tampa
Georgia Atlanta
Illinois Chicago
Indiana Indianapolis
Kansas Kansas City
Kentucky Louisville
Louisiana New Orleans
Maryland Baltimore
Massachusetts Boston
Michigan Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Ann Arbor
Minnesota Minneapolis
Missouri Kansas City
Nebraska Omaha
Nevada Las Vegas
New Jersey (statewide)
New York New York City
North Carolina Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh
Ohio Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus
Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Tulsa
Oregon Portland
Pennsylvania Philadelphia
South Dakota Sioux Falls
Tennessee Memphis, Nashville
Texas Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Temple, Texarkana
Utah Salt Lake City
Washington Seattle
Washington, DC Washington, DC
Wisconsin Milwaukee
Australia Adelaide
Canada Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Halifax/Shelburne Nova Scotia
Singapore Singapore
United Kingdom Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester

Thank you for considering us. We look forward to working with you and buying or consigning your comics!

Call us at 817-701-0704, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central to speak with a comic buying specialist.